Fil Di Ferro are an Italian Heavy Metal band, active since the 80s
The band is considered, along with Vanadium, Strana Officina, Death SS and Bulldozer, a forerunner of italian Heavy Metal.
Fil di Ferro were originally formed in Turin in 1979 by Michele De Rosa (drums) and Bruno Gallo Balma (bass). The initial lineup was completed by: Leonardo Fiore (vocals) and Danilo Ghiglieri (guitar), replaced in 1985 by Sergio Zara (vocals) and Claudio De Vecchi (guitar)

The first recording was in 1984, a demo tape with 2 songs: ‘King Of The Night’ and ‘Shadow’

While working towards a stable lineup, Fil di Ferro played live extensively, became well known and influential.

Michele De Rosa and Bruno Gallo Balma were passionate bikers, they’re among the founders of the biker group Hurricanes MC.

The band’s first full-length album  “Hurricanes” was released In 1986, it was produced by Beppe Crovella (Arti e Mestieri) and published by ‘Discotto Records’.  The same year Miki Fiorito joined the band, replacing Claudio De Vecchi on guitar
Fil di Ferro signed with the label ‘Dischi Noi’

The song “Hurricanes” was produced by Pete Hinton (Saxon) for the compilation “The Italian Rock Invasion (Dischi Noi, LP, 1987). “Hurricanes” appears also on the compilation “Volume 3″ (Dischi Noi, LP, 1987)

The band played live at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon in London.

The second album ‘Fil Di Ferro’ was released in 1988. It was recorded in UK (Foley, Cornwall), under the supervision of Guy Bedmed (Rod Stewart, Motorhead, E.L.&P., Yes)
The band was on popular tv shows in Italy, UK and Russia (with the guitar hero Victor Zinchuk)
In 1990 Fil di Ferro toured Europe, they also played at the Lamone Open Air Festival, with Saxon, Krokus, Strana Officina, Vengeance and many others
Sergio Zara quits the band in 1991. The song “Give Me Your Hand” was recorded with Elisabetta Marina Di Giorgio on vocals.
1992: “Rock Rock Rock” is released. Miki Fiorito is both voice and guitar. Special guests are: Victor Zinchuk and Roberta Bacciolo (Funky Lips).
2005  “It Will Be Passion” with Piero Leporale as vocalist and Francesco “Cesco” Barbierato on the bass guitar
2012 “It’s Always Time” with Elvis Taberna as vocalist and Gianluca Uccheddu on guitar
2017: the first two albums: “Hurricanes” and “Fil di Ferro” are reissued by Jolly Roger Records.
2019:  “Wolfblood” is released on October,31st. Lineup (current): Michele de Rosa (drums), Miki Fiorito (guitar), Gianni Castellino (bass), Paola Goitre (vocals)